The Truth About the Warlock Doberman

The Truth About the Warlock Doberman 2492 The Truth About the Warlock Doberman

If you have considered buying a Doberman Pinscher, you may have done some research and come across people selling “Warlock” Dobermans. Sometimes they are referred to as King Dobermans or Goliath Dobermans. The idea behind using the Warlock name is to imply a bigger, better Doberman. The Warlock Doberman became popular in the 1970′s, at the height of the breed’s popularity. Amateur breeders used the Warlock name as a selling point.

People believed that bigger was better, so they wanted the biggest, fiercest looking Doberman Pinscher they could buy. The breeders that were interested in making money, rather than improving the breed, bred their dogs to Great Danes to get the bigger dog. Some Dobermans were bred with Rottweilers to get a stockier, more powerful dog. They passed these dogs off as purebred Doberman Pinschers and charged more money for the special name.

The breeders in the business for profit, either did not know or forgot the true purpose of the Doberman. The breed was developed to a standard that fit the job it was meant to do. To be an effective protection dog, the Doberman needs, speed, strength and agility. The bigger and heavier the dog, the more they lose these traits. It is also unhealthy for a Doberman to be oversized. It puts more strain on the joints and the heart. A correct Doberman Pinscher should be no more than 28 inches at the shoulder for a male and 26 inches for a female.

Dobermans should not be big, bad, vicious guard dogs. They are actually gentle, affectionate, loyal and intelligent. In the 1970′s, when Doberman Pinschers became popular, they were seen and portrayed as fierce dogs that would tear people apart. For some reason, many people liked this image and wanted this kind of dog. It has taken many years of careful breeding to bring the Doberman Pinschers back to its true nature and size.

So, where did this “Warlock” name come from? In the 1950′s in Florida, Theodosia and Henry Frampton bred a litter of Dobermans and one of the puppies, became especially attached to Henry. Henry named the pup Borong the Warlock. He was a standard size male Doberman, with a steady, gentle temperament. He liked people and had no problem with other dogs. Henry began to show Borong and trained him in obedience. He earned his Champion title. When Borong was older, he became a popular stud and sired many litters. His offspring established him as one the best sires of his time. Borong the Warlock died not long after Henry Frampton died.

Borong’s name, the Warlock, and his reputation as a popular Champion, helped establish his legend. Some of his offspring were said to be in Texas and it is believed the legend started there. However it started, the legend has grown, and to this day the Warlock name is used to sell oversized, ill bred Doberman Pinschers. Dobermans bred over the years and given the “distinction” of being Warlock Dobermans, have no connection to the true Champion Borong the Warlock.

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