The Miniature Doberman Pinscher – a Mini Doberman?

Although small in stature the Miniature Pinscher is nevertheless assertive and independent.  What they lack in size they make up for in personality and energy.  They usually reach a height of between 10 to 12 inches and weigh approximately 10 pounds.  Among the various groupings of breeds the Miniature Pinscher is in the Terrier group and is considered a Toy breed.

Their coats are smooth, glassy, straight and short and the most popular color is black and tan making them look very similar to the Doberman.  They can also be found with red or chocolate and tan combinations.  One of the reasons why this breed is gaining in popularity besides their personalities is the fact that they do not require much grooming and they do not shed a lot of hair.

Usually the Miniature Pinscher or Min-Tins as fanciers of the breed tend to call them, have ears and a tail that is cropped or docked.  They move gracefully, conjuring up images of certain horse breeds.

It is because the Miniature Pinscher shares so much in common with the Doberman Pinscher physically speaking that they are so often thought to be a miniature version of the Dobey.  This is not the case however.  From what has been ascertained the Min-Pin was probably bred from the Dachshund and the Greyhound and were used on farms in order to hunt the rats and mice that plagued the produce.

In 1919 the first Miniature Pinscher arrived on US soil.  Back then they were not called Miniature Pinschers and were instead referred to as the Reh Pinscher which illustrates their black and rust color.  Six years later the American Kennel Club recognized them as a Toy breed and seven years after that they became officially known as the Miniature Pinscher.

Although they share traits with the Dobey they are not Dobermans and so care should be taken when shopping for either of the two breeds because some disreputable people out there have been known to pass one off as the other.  To prevent yourself from being misled it is important that you know the differences and that you make the right choice.  Although also developed in Germany they too share a heritage with the Dobermans in that they have similar personalities as well as looks.  It is understandable why some would mistakenly classify them as Miniature Dobermans but it is important to remember that they are a breed on their own.

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